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About SkilledOPP

SkilledOPP is a career website that advertises job and PhD opportunities to international students, graduates and skilled workers (expatriates) who wish to find work in the UK. We make it easier for foreign talents to find opportunities that offer work permit or sponsorship. In turn, we help businesses grow their revenue by connecting them to the global workforce and also filling the roles under skill shortage list.

SkilledOPP is not just another job board; it was created to provide easy access to career opportunities for anyone requiring to reside and work in the UK. These people include international students and graduates, and skilled workers (expatriates).

Our Story 

As an international student, I was excited to be graduating from a UK university in 2016. I was faced with the option to secure a job within my chosen field as soon as possible in order to be able to pursue my career dreams. I believed that the UK was the best place to develop my career. The UK presents a lot of opportunities within my chosen career field, which was why I wanted to stay in the country. This meant balancing my university workload, identifying companies and finding job opportunities that will provide work sponsorship in order for me to work.

Knowing that I would be graduating with an excellent grade, the only thing that was preventing me from achieving my career goal was not securing a job. I spent countless hours sifting through job boards online and attending networking events to find opportunities that will meet my objectives. After my research, I found myself at a dead end. I could not find any job board or career websites to cater to my needs.  I spoke to my university mates about my job search and most of them are going through similar situation. This was the moment I realised that there is a real need for a platform that will provide an easy access to career opportunities for international students, graduates alike.

“SkilledOPP was created to help anyone especially international students, graduates and skilled workers to pursue their career goal anywhere in world.”  (CEO)

Our Commitment

Having access to career opportunities anywhere in the world

We believe that anyone should easily have access to career opportunities anywhere in the world. To have the right and chance to pursue their career goal no matter who they are. That is why we have developed this platform to make it easier for job seekers especially international students, graduates and skilled workers to pursue their dreams. Our platform is created to be simple and easy to use.

Advertising career opportunities offering work sponsorship (i.e. location-specific)

We aim to advertise career opportunities from companies/universities that offer work sponsorship. This is one of our goal for developing our platform. We will work closely with industries and universities to ensure we meet the immigration criteria for any career opportunity which is advertised on platform. We will work closely with immigration counsellors for advice on providing relevant information on our platform.

Building strong relationship with businesses (small, medium and multinational)

We understand that diversity within any business help to create an innovative environment and increase revenue. We are committed to showing businesses the benefits of having a diverse workforce. We will ensure that we provide them with access to experienced and skilled candidates who will make positive differences to their businesses.

Encouraging universities and industries to constantly innovate (Research and Development)

As human beings, we strive for continual development in all aspect of our lives. We learn, develop, innovate and help our societies. The future of our world rely on research and development in order to improve our life in areas such as health, space, climate and others. This is why we encourage universities and companies to provide research opportunities and scholarships (PhD studentships & scholarships) to students. We aim to use our platform to advertise these opportunities that enable international students and graduate to apply to them.

We are here to identify opportunities that will help you not to give up on your career goals and dream. Reaching your dream with SkilledOPP.

Goal and Vision

Our goal and vision is to become the leading career website providing career opportunities to international students, graduates and skilled workers; connecting them to industries and universities globally.


Reaching the right candidates and providing them with the right opportunities for their career progression

Our values

1. Continuously innovate – improve our products, think differently and develop ourselves and businesses

2. Strive to always be better than yesterday

3. Seek out new opportunities and find ways to integrate them in our business

4. Make our customers and candidates our number one priority

If you are not sure about opportunities that require work permit, please contact us at support@skilledopp.com or +447914685361. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Find future talents today

You can search our database to find the right candidate for your company. If you need help in searching our database or looking for a particular cohort of candidates, please contact us at support@skilledopp.com. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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